Heart failure : a BNP down increases the chances of survival

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Published the 14.11.2017 at 08: 30 am


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Our body secretes and circulates some fifty hormones. Our heart in two. Among them, the ” BNP “, or ” natriuretic peptide “. A new study, conducted by researchers from the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Salt Lake City, the United States, and presented at the American Heart Association, shows how the rates among people with heart failure has consequences on their chances of survival. The higher the rate is low, the greater the chances of survival grow.

A BNP down improves the prognosis

For this, they analyzed 6887 patients hospitalized for heart problems. On average, 21.1 per cent of them return to the hospital within thirty days. The rate of death, here too in the thirty days, was 12.8%.
For patients in whom the BNP level was lowered, the results are more encouraging : a high of 16.1% of them are returned to the hospital and 7.1% died.

A public health problem

This discovery might eventually allow doctors to make adjustments in the medical treatment according to patients. But should you still find that fact to increase or decrease the secretion of BNP. And also, from what BNP levels can it be beneficial. For this, a new study has to be made.
Either the United States or in France, the heart failure is a public health problem. In france, more than one million people are affected. 120 000 people are diagnosed each year. 23 000 people die from the disease. And this empire because in ten years, in France, the number of cases has increased by 30%.