Hematologists: blood disorders are not the verdict

Ended in Moscow the Congress of hematologists, which lasted three days. According to his results, the experts came to the unanimous conclusion that today the blood disease is not a sentence.

Ten years ago, leukemia was virtually incurable. Now to normal life return 60% of patients. Over the last 15 years Haematology became in medicine, most progressive region. Its development is much faster in comparison with other clinical disciplines.

The treatment is accompanied by risk and pain as it is mainly chemotherapy is. However, to date, the presence of the dreaded diagnosis is not a sentence. However, participants noted that the Congress, if in the Central part of the Russian Federation Hematology develops, on the outskirts of the process is much slower. This is due to many factors.

One of them, that not all doctors have the ability to keep up with the progress. Base material in different regions also differs significantly. In some it simply does not.

In addition, in the Federal districts insufficient number of research centers. They are essential because the patient needs to be monitored up to three years. After their construction, the patients will not have to each time go for it in Moscow.