Her life saved thanks to a call service automated

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A man of Quebec aged 103 years, contends that he’s alive today thanks to a service of automated calls that he receives each day of the Program hand in hand.

“I had a dizzy spell. I was paralyzed. I have attempted to respond to this call I get every morning, and it was impossible. By having no response, they contacted the emergency services,” said Conrad Gilbert in VAT News.

The splitters of the PAIR Program are in position in the morning. Calls that are more targeted are also offered for medication, or blood sugar. In Quebec city, 500 people are registered.

“We saved him from certain death at least five people this year,” said the director of the PAIR Program Suzanne Girard.

The organization receives a subsidy from the provincial government of $ 35,000. There are no fees for users.

“80 % of people tell us it is the only phone that they receive in the day,” added Mrs. Girard.

Companies in security are also developing bracelets, emergency, alarm buttons. Conrad Gilbert believes that it is essential, then, that more and more people wish to age at home.

“If it had not been for the PAIR Program, I would not be of this world today!”

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