Herself sympathized wheelchair who can’t leave the house due to a disconnected Elevator

Херсонлифт посочувствовал инвалиду-колясочнику, который не может выйти из дома из-за отключенного лифта

In Kherson wheelchair Vyacheslav Shevchenko for about a month can’t go outside because his house is on the street Perekopskaya 181-A lift off. As stated 112.ua “Personlige”, lifts for the disabled due to the end of the deadline work.

“According to technical documentation, 21.07.2018, the elevators on the street Perekopskaya 181-ended deadline. … We are very sorry for the resident with limited mobility, but cannot ignore the safety of the residents of the house during operation of elevators, year of issue – 1977”, – said in response “Personligt” query 112.ua.

In turn, the Department of housing and utilities of Kherson city Council 112.ua telling us what you know about the problem with the elevators on the street Perekopskaya 181-A. moreover, 24.07.2018 in the Executive body of city Council received a petition from OSBB “Perekopskaya 181-A” with a request to provide funds from the city budget on capital repairs of elevators at the specified address. The total cost of repairs – 725 thousand UAH.

“To address this issue the Department of housing and communal services of the city Council 03.08.2018 was submitted the budget request to the Department of budget and Finance of the city Council to provide funds from the municipal budget. But as 27.08.2018 city funds from the city budget to repair the Elevator at the specified address not provided”, – told in the city Council.

Also, the Council noted that funds for the repair of the common property OSBB to stand out from the repair Fund, which is formed by the General meeting of the Association of apartment owners home, mainly due to contributions from owners.

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