Hiding under the skirt: the Ukrainian tried to smuggle across the border for almost 50 iPhone

Прятала под юбкой: Украинка попыталась пронести через границу почти 50 iPhone

In the Kharkiv region, at the crossing point “hoptivka” border guards detained a citizen of Ukraine who tried to smuggle under the skirt 49 of the iPhone from the territory of the Russian Federation. This is stated in the message of Gospogransluzhby in the social network Facebook.

“Tonight at the checkpoint “goptovka” in time pogranichno-customs control the attention of the border patrol Kharkov group was attracted by a woman born in 1962. A Ukrainian walked to the entrance to Ukraine, however, arriving at the checkpoint, was very worried,” – said Gospogransluzhby.

Then the guards took the decision on application of special technical means for inspection of the woman and her personal belongings. When triggered the metal detector, the guards found out that under clothing, and it is under the skirt, the woman was trying to smuggle 49 mobile phone iPhone which has been in use. For this she made a large special pockets in which to pack goods. Phones seized in the prescribed order.

Previously on the border with Russia detained three Ukrainians who walked with RUB 3 million under clothing.

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