Highway 13: Change in demand for collective action

Lawyers behind the filing of an application for collective action on behalf of hundreds of people stuck for several hours in their vehicle on Highway 13 in Montreal during the snowstorm this week, announced Friday a change of the plaintiff To the file.
Details of this change were not provided. By way of release, Deveau lawyers said the identity of another complainant would be unveiled “early next week”.
The day before, the application for collective action had been presented in the Superior Court of Quebec. It argued that hundreds of motorists spent the night “in their vehicles or in public transit vehicles, in the midst of a storm, and without any information on the evolution of the situation”.
The process is aimed at the Sûreté du Québec, the Government of Quebec and the City of Montreal, and it seeks to compensate the members of the group for the “harm they have suffered as a result of this inexcusable mess”.
The group could be composed of approximately 500 members, and the prosecution would seek to obtain the sum of $ 2,000 for each of them, in addition to compensation for “material damage suffered”, according to the action request document Collectively.

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