Hillary Clinton and Steven Spielberg filmed the book by Elaine Weiss, the Hour of women: the Greatest battle for the right to vote

Хиллари Клинтон и Стивен Спилберг экранизируют книгу Элейн Уэйс Час женщин: Величайшая битва за право голоса

Former Secretary of state and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, along with Director Steven Spielberg for Amblin Television filmed a book Elaine Weiss “the Hour of women: the Greatest battle for the right to vote.” About it reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The work tells about the activists during their long struggle for the right to vote for women and sheds light on how the foundations were laid for movement on the struggle for civil rights.

Clinton will serve as Executive producer of the project.

At the moment, the Studio is looking for screenwriter, as well as thinking about who is to sell the rental rights: a selection, likely to fall either on cable TV or on a streaming platform.

The release date is not reported.

As previously reported, Barack and Michelle Obama signed a contract with Netflix.

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