His pitbulls before the house

(Quebec) “I am a pitbull”. The lettering on Frédéric Malenfant’s truck testifies to his fight against the dangerous dogs management law which prevents him from acquiring the coveted house in Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval.

Mr. Malenfant is a resident of Quebec. It has two pitbulls and a rottweiler. Until recently, he was planning to settle in Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval with his wife, the children and his three dogs. “It was perfect. In the mountains, no neighbors, a big field for dogs, “he explains.

But it was before he inquired of the municipality of the regulation on pets. According to Mr. Malenfant’s version, Sainte-Brigitte authorizes the possession of two dogs and sometimes makes exceptional cases for a third dog.

“Our intention was to move with the three dogs and then comply with the regulations by keeping only two dogs when the old one dies. We were told there should be no problems, “he says. But he defeated after indicating that he owned two pitbulls and a rottweiler.

“We were told that with Bill 128 coming, the municipality did not want to move forward on the matter and could not agree to a third dog,” he says, Finding the situation totally incomprehensible. Out of love for his dogs, the master made the difficult choice to cancel the real estate transaction.

Against the ban

Malenfant participated Sunday in a protest against Bill 128, which provides by decree banishment of pitbulls, and includes the rottweiler in the list of potentially dangerous dogs.

There were more than a hundred dog owners of all races gathered in front of the National Assembly, including the popular lawyer and animator, Anne-France Goldwater and her pitbull dog Spot, which she saved from abuse.

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“I am against the banishment of races. We know that it did not work in other provinces like Ontario, where there are more dog bites, she says. What is successful is education and prevention and provisions that are valid as to ensure that animals are on leash or harness and sterilize. ”

Ms Goldwater urged elected officials to base their decision not on ignorance but on science, referring to expert reports provided before drafting the bill, which disagreed with the banning of certain races.

Sunday’s demonstration took place under the leadership of Action Sà © cà © -Quebec, which brings together 35 animal rights organizations, all united to speak with one voice. In addition to banning pit bulls, the clustering raises the lack of precision in the bill.

“We talk about euthanizing a dog that causes wounds, but we do not define them,” says Mireille Goulet. If someone falls because of a dog, should the dog be euthanized? Is it possible to take into account the reasons for the behavior of a dog and intervene upstream with education, “she asks again.

In addition, she questioned the effectiveness of the measure requiring veterinarians to report dog bites. “This is problematic because stemming bites involves dialogue between the owner and his veterinarian to change the behavior. Henceforth, people will silence the phenomenon, which will not solve anything, “she concludes.

Action Sà © dà © -Quebec plans to file a memorandum when the parliamentary committee is held before the adoption of the Act. 128. In the meantime, other events are planned.