Historic cold record in Montreal

The cold is falling on the south of the province since Thursday evening. In Montreal, the cold has broken all records since Environment Canada began compiling weather data.

“We never saw this on November 10,” said René Héroux, a meteorologist with Environment Canada , during an interview at La Presse . The temperature in Montreal is currently -8 ° C, 12 ° C below average. “The average temperature for November 10 is about 4 ° C,” said Héroux.

According to Environment Canada, a cold spurt from the north of the province is causing the cold in southern Quebec. In the western part of the province, mercury went down much lower. “The temperature is about -18 ° C in Abitibi today”.

For the moment, eastern Quebec is spared. However, “the cold air will move during the day and the cold will settle there tonight,” warns Environment Canada.

A taste of winter

Quebec had a record month of October in terms of mild temperatures. According to René Héroux, the cold weather in the south of the province today is a foretaste of winter.