Hollywood actor Nicolas cage got “his dream role”

Голливудский актер Николас Кейдж получил “роль своей мечты”

Nicolas cage, who in 1998 was supposed to play Superman in a canceled Tim Burton movie called “Superman lives”, the role of comic book hero.

His dream came true only partially, since the audience will be a animated Superman, which will be voiced by Nicolas cage. He voices a character in the cartoon “teen Titans, Go!”.

Animated film based on the eponymous series. In the story, the characters travel to Hollywood, to assert yourself and to starring in the movies. However, their plans were violated by the villain who wants to take over Earth.

Among the actors who will participate in the scoring pattern, appears Kristen bell and Scott Manwell. Directors are Aaron Horvath and Peter Rida Michail. Premiere of animated film scheduled for July 26.