Home ownership co-ops: construction planned for summer 2018

It is 65% of the units of co-operative access to the property offered by the Federation of Estrie housing cooperatives that have found taker since the announcement of the projects in the fall of 2016. The condos Of the Havre des Pins, the mini houses of the Petit Quartier and the ecological units of the Champ des possibles could be built as early as the summer of 2018.

Announced in the fall of 2016, the three housing projects were designed to allow members to invest in their projects and benefit from a sharing of surplus value upon their departure.

“In Quebec, almost 5 million people are part of a cooperative. However, it was realized that housing co-operatives were predominant, and that in many other countries of the world, in North Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Scandinavian countries, Co-ops for home ownership. It really fascinated us and our members were interested, so we started, “explains Guillaume Brien, executive director of the Federation of Housing Cooperatives of Estrie, who has been working on the formula for five years.

Last April, the project received an interest-free loan of $ 5 million from the Government of Quebec.

Strong interest

Pre-sale is going well. For the Petit Quartier, a group of mini-houses in Fleurimont, 56 of the 73 units are already booked. In Waterville, the ecological urbanism project The field of the possibilities arouses much enthusiasm. The 12 available seats were soon filled, so on Tuesday it was announced the creation of a new triplex to meet the demand. “For a five-and-a-half, we’re talking about $ 30 a month in heating,” says Brien.

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Finally, in the northern part of Sherbrooke, condos in Le Havre des pins are almost half reserved. In a wooded area, which will remain, Mr. Brien hopes to offer units starting at $ 150,000 in harmony with nature.

Michel Doyon is one of those who will join Le Havre next summer. He who already knew the cooperative formula did not hesitate to try the blow for a cooperative condo.

Irene Frappier will be one of Doyon’s neighbors. She was the one who proposed the name of the project!

“It’s a co-operative life project and so affordable that it’s really an interesting option. I went to another stage in my life and going into a condo housing co-op I liked, I was ready to make the leap, “she explains, specifying that this is a good opportunity to enjoy Of his money otherwise.

“Home ownership is made difficult. Costs are growing faster than people’s capacity, making it much more difficult to acquire. What makes our project unique has been to materialize the mechanics and the product, based on values ​​of cooperation and mutual aid, but also at affordable and high quality, “says Mr Brien, happy to offer an alternative interesting.