Homutynnik criticized the acting head of state property Fund

Co-chair of the parliamentary group “Party “Vidrodzhennya”, the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Vitaliy Khomutynnik has denied that it has any relation to the activities of Vitali Trubarova on the position of the acting Chairman of the state property Fund of Ukraine. He said this today at the Parliament, answering journalists ‘ questions, writes “RBC-Ukraine”.

“It’s all kind of nonsense. His candidacy from the very beginning did not meet any professional criteria or Ukrainian legislation. After all, to perform the duties during the absence of the head of the Fund can only be his Deputy. And Vitaly Trebarov at that time held the position of chief of staff. But it is still appointed, as stated in the government temporarily. And, as you can see, the long pause and today it has been exactly a year since was appointed Trebarov. Because of this I have already appealed to the Prime Minister with a request to submit to the Parliament a proposal for the appointment of a new Director of the Fund or assign more effectively the acting President,” said Khomutynnyk.

The MP also criticized the work Trubarova on the post of acting Chairman of the state property Fund.

“In my opinion, it is impossible to trust such a serious public office to anybody. It’s the same thing, if the country instead of the Prime Minister in his absence managed his office and his Secretary, which was responsible for the office and paperwork. In this case, it is better to appoint a guard who at least defended state property. As a result, in the case of the Fund we see that the current acting Chairman has failed privatization plan for the first half of 2018. He could earn for the state budget only 0.2% of zaplanowa for a year of income,” said Khomutynnyk.

Recall, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 6 September 2017 appointed acting Chairman of the state property Fund Vitaly Trubarova, which is April held the position of chief of staff of the Fund. Chairman of the Foundation is appointed and dismissed by the President with the consent of the Verkhovna Rada.

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