Honors in Ukrainian – chocolate free

Отличникам по украинскому - шоколад бесплатно

Honors in Ukrainian – chocolate free
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For the highest score on the Ukrainian language in Chernivtsi region decided to reward the children with sweets.

However, not employees of the education sector, and trade. The owner of the shop in Bukovina hung on the door from hand-written message: “Action! For pupils of the 5th and 6th grade for 12 points in the Ukrainian language – the prize”. If nine students think this is a joke, the tenth boldly runs with the diary for a gift. That prize saw one of the attendees.

“A friend told me that the store owner ran up and showed the student diary, and the man handed him a large chocolate bar with whole nuts – shared in social networks Victoria Solodukhina. – Did not understand what happened, and then read the ad… It would be nice to sweet shops to support such a cool idea and the Ukrainian language”.

Wonder how much is enough chocolate supplies of the entrepreneur and will not ruin whether its these good thoughts?