Hooked on unscrupulous employers gets almost every second migrant worker.

The history of failed employment abroad, the Ukrainians spread in social networks almost every day. Not withstanding the local conditions, the workers return home with empty pockets, or lost health, reports “5 channel”.

For example, brovarchanin Ruslan Toretto is one of those who in the early summer went to work abroad under an employment contract. Promised the company of the terms, in reality, turned a man’s life in “two days of hell,” the newspaper reports.

“We promised the same thing – 5-6 days per week, 1,5-2 thousand dollars of wages. In fact was half the financial. And work like and simple, nothing complicated, but a convict. We arrived nine. I was the seventh, who left in the early days, in the first week,” he says.

Hooked on unscrupulous employers gets almost every second migrant worker. As a consequence, ruined health and an empty wallet, according to the media.

“My husband once drove home because he laughed. Was working four hours instead of 10 and received a lower salary,” says the woman zarobitchany.

The Federation of employers report: every year nearly 1 million 200 thousand Ukrainians leave the house in search of a better life. And when you come back, have problems with work or I lose benefits from the state.

“I will work there, money in my pocket, and I still have a pension pay for. Who will pay? Minimum payment that the person voluntarily will transfer to social funds and the Pension Fund. Do you work anywhere: in Poland, Slovakia, please, that the mechanism by which you pay a fee, which will guarantee a minimum supply,” – says CEO of the Federation of employers of Ukraine Ruslan Ilichev.

“If it is a managerial class of workers, say so, then enroll (insurance experience), and the company’s attitude is positive. If it is, say, the work is seasonal, it is difficult, because even in Ukraine seasonal work will not be counted toward work experience. It is necessary to read what the contract who is signed and will then guarantee that Ukraine will be counted in seniority”, – commented lawyer Maria Natha.

“The story of Ruslan Toretto, fortunately, ended successfully. The man returned home without losing anything except money on the road. Two weeks ago, he found a job in Ukraine. So, labor market experts say, it is better there where we are not. Among the nearly 9 thousand companies, which are working in Ukraine, you will definitely find a suitable job”, – reports the edition.

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