Hope for the baker of Delights and Nations

There is hope for the family of French who finds themselves in front of nothing following the closing of the trade Delights of the Nations, in downtown Sherbrooke.

According to MP Pierre-Luc Dusseault, potential employers have already demonstrated in his constituency office in Sherbrooke to offer Nasser Koronfol, a baker by trade, a job.

“We made contact with Mr. Koronfol,” said Dusseault to La Tribune. We are looking at the options available to try to regularize their situation before significant financial problems arise. ”

“People contacted us to offer him a job. They show an interest in hiring a baker like Mr. Koronfol. ”

Let us recall that the Délices des Nations trade bankruptcy in downtown Sherbrooke has plunged into a nightmare a French family whose father came to Canada to work there a few weeks ago. Nasser Koronfol, his wife and four children find themselves in front of nothing with the closure of the delicatessen located at 185 Belvédère Street North.

Mr Koronfol regretted that his closed work permit prevented him from finding employment elsewhere than there. Pierre-Luc Dusseault mentioned that it was possible to change the work permit for another one that would also be closed or perhaps open.

“The employer needs to demonstrate a certain shortage of manpower in its field of work,” he explains. It must take steps to that end. It’s not uncommon to see people here with a closed work permit. What is more rare is to see an employer unable to honor his promises of work because of a closure of his business. ”

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Recall that Délices des Nations went under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act last week. Trade operations have been stopped completely.

“We are in the process of supporting her in her job search.”

The building seems to have been abandoned. A poster on the door indicates a possible re-opening in July, but the Government of Canada’s bankruptcy and bankruptcy records record.

Steps are also being taken to find work for Mr Koronfol’s spouse, Christine Nicole Archambault, has an “open”, but still restrictive, work permit. He is not allowed to work in child care, elementary or secondary education or health care.

“We are in the process of supporting her in her job search,” notes Mercedes Orellana, Director General, New Opportunities for New Canadians. “His situation would allow us to find him a job faster while waiting for his spouse to find a job.”

“It’s not easy, because the employer has to show that he could not fill the position with local labor. He must, for example, present the posters in evidence but have not drawn any applications. ”

Mr. Koronfol lived in the Paris region. When he arrived in Canada in May, he found that his work permit was closed, preventing him from working for another employer than the Delights of the Nations business.