Hope Meyher for the first time introduced the clip for the song Hope

Надежда Мейхер впервые за долгое время представила клип на песню Надежда

Singer Nadezhda Meyher for the first time presented the video for the song “Hope”, the author of which was the singer Alyosha.

The clip was directed by the famous Ukrainian clipmaker Elena Vinarskaia.

The idea is simple: everything in life is a game, honest and sincere: word game, the game of relationships. In the Only women a man can live three persons: the husband, friend and lover. In the clip it is revealed through dance.

“My favorite episode in the video is arm wrestling. The relationship is a struggle, especially if the woman is strong in spirit. She fights not on purpose, she just can’t help it,” said Meyher.

The singer also noted, if “Hope” will resonate in the listener and viewer, she would continue to work in this direction.

As previously reported, the dancers in costumes owls starred in the video for the single TNMK”, Angoli”.

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