Hope Savchenko hunger strike in jail

The cause of starvation – Failure of medical services pilots.
Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko hunger strike in a Moscow jail. This is reported in your account to Twitter and Facebook her lawyers.

“Hope hunger” – written by lawyer Mark Feigin.

Attorney Ilya Novikov said that Savchenko hunger strike because of her failure to provide medical care.

“These state no otolaryngologist or missing now. Drugs that she appointed her doctor Kyiv not pass, provided strictly on Wednesdays, on other days jail doctor not. On Friday, when she was Mark Feigin, her condition deteriorated. She told me about it on video conferencing with the Moscow City Court at a meeting in our complaint. I’ll go to jail for it, but probably will not have time to go inside to the end of the day. In this case we see you with her ​​in the morning. My Meanwhile, colleagues will communicate with the CPC “- wrote Novikov.

Recall Savchenko – Volunteer Battalion “Aydar”. Almost a month she fought in the area of ​​administrative units in the Luhansk region, along with other soldiers fell into an ambush near the town of Happiness. The terrorists demanded for the release of four pilots freedom fighters. July 8 learned that Savchenko is in prison in Russia.

Savchenko accused of killing journalists RTR Russian Igor Voloshin Kornelyuk and Anton, who died June 17 in Lugansk.

Ukrainian pilot was taken on October 10 passing forced psychological and psychiatric examination at the Moscow Institute of the Serbian Moscow.

October 27, Basman Court of Moscow at the request of the investigation extended detention Savchenko until 13 February 2015, despite its lack of courtroom.

In the early parliamentary elections he was elected deputy from the “homeland” in the first number listed.

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