Hope without hope – the ex-soloist of VIA gra alarmed fans

36-year-old Nadezhda Meyher-Granovskaya recently worried his fans with publications in social networks.

Надежда без надежды - экс-солистка ВИА Гры встревожила поклонников

The ex-soloist of the legendary group “VIA Gra” Hope Granovskaya recently liked to write philosophical posts on various topics. Recently, she shared the philosophy of his life after 30 years. The artist came to the conclusion that the main rule is for anybody and anything not to hope. After all, if you don’t I hope for someone not fascinated by someone, and to be disappointed is not necessary.

Mother of many children, and the poet admitted that since she “was a little over 30,” she doesn’t want to let into your life the extra experience. After 30 I would like a quiet family life, not an extreme of emotion. For this reason, as stated by the artist, her life became a little paint, and those that remained, she carefully sends “long term memory”. Now, in the life of the singer other values and the most important thing for her is to stop trying to justify someone else’s expectations.

Надежда без надежды - экс-солистка ВИА Гры встревожила поклонников

“Even if you nemnogoe… thirty( how to play))))).. you stop for anything or anyone’s hope. No fascination and therefore no disappointments. )) Without expectations…
Live, and do what you think is right, listening to their feelings, intuition… Catch the moment “attacks” of happiness, and placed in a deep drawer of the subconscious. Oh, and most importantly) no longer justify someone’s expectations. This is not your problem”

— posted by Hope.

Надежда без надежды - экс-солистка ВИА Гры встревожила поклонников

Thoughts and revelations of the singer took numerous fans in different ways. Someone supported her thoughts and thanked for the motivation, and someone strongly concerned about the moral condition of Hope. They noted that her posts are very deep in meaning, but they don’t feel that Hope is happy.