Horoscope for today: how to hold on June 14

Гороскоп на сегодня: как провести 14 июня

Ask the astrologer for all zodiac signs

Thursday this week will probably bring some of the signs of the zodiac a little testing. Most important in this situation is to gather strength and to control their emotions.

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If all the previous week, you could feel the tension and work schedule deprived you of your strength, then Thursday will delight you with a much more measured pace, a crazy week will subside. The main thing today is not at all at once, bring it all of the begun business to end.


Today Taurus is the heart and soul devoted to new projects and plans. And pulls you to new achievements and records. Well, go ahead! Luck, strength, inspiration, today it’s all yours.


At some time of the day you’ll probably feel that utopiate. And you can’t get out of this life cycle without help. Not the time for pride and principles, rather call for help. It arrives much faster and will be more than ever.


Very mixed day emotionally today waiting for Cancers. Do not make decisions rashly, find the power to restrain the desire to speak, especially to say the wrong thing.


When planning your schedule for this Thursday, make it only the most important and necessary things, for which you’ll need your strength. Today taking important decisions think twice. Maybe even three times.


Virgo can this Thursday to face several stressful situations which will be connected with finding-out of relations and loved ones. Probably some will try deliberately to force you into conflict. Whether to go on about? The decision is yours.


Stock power and unconditional willingness to part with it today will surprise even yourself. Before Weights today open all doors, but do not attempt to chase two hares at the same time. It will only lead to a waste of energy and time.


Today, Scorpions can easily schedule the most important and complex cases. The favorable position of the stars will make them much more enjoyable.


Sagittarius, which now have to perform a responsible job, perhaps the strongest energy depletion. Take a look at ourselves, maybe, your feelings and self-criticism is really excessive.


Capricorns run the risk of today to wallow in worries and feelings so deeply, that you will not notice how you find yourself completely dependent on the problems and needs of the people around you. Find today the time to take a break and relax mentally.


The stars predict for Aquarius it not the most auspicious day in terms of transactions and the organization of important meetings. Will be much better if you dedicate yourself to a cultural holiday or just communicate with loved ones.


The fish will be difficult today to take in a tense situation that has developed in a circle of colleagues or friends. Despite a great desire to bury the useless hatchet, at this moment it is better to step aside, otherwise in the end you risk being left to blame.