Horse-Serpent shows less than expected

Cheval-serpent was set to set a precedent by showing male frontal nudity on Quebec TV. The director Sylvain Archambault had even said that his actors could display erection debuts, as do real naked dancers. Forget it, even with a magnifying glass, you will only see slab.

I bet the most voyeurs and voyeurs will do “Pause” to hope to see the beginning of a foreskin. Sometimes a plant, sometimes a head, conceal the essential. Notice, no need for a Quebec series to show us a male member. But this was not insignificant as a promise: the sexuality of man is still taboo on television. Breasts, yes. A penis is no, and still not.

Written by the author of Unit 9, Danielle Trottier, the 10 episodes of Horse-serpent will be available on June 28 on the Extra of ICI, for a monthly subscription of $ 6.99. As an introduction, the first episode will be served free of charge on ICI

Dorice McQuaid (Sophie Prégent) leads the Serpent Horse, a nude dancer’s bar for women, with her partner David Gauthier (Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge), also the father of her daughter Simone (Catherine St-Laurent ). Dorice has long shared her life with Dominique Lévesque (Élise Guilbault), the standard bearer of feminism in Quebec. Their happiness will be clouded by a sad news.

The Snake Horse has four star dancers when Julien (Alexandre Landry) arrives from Quebec City with a classical dancer past. Very talented onstage, the recruit quickly becomes the painter of Pete (Francisco Randez), the veteran of the group, which, him, loses in popularity. Dancers have strict rules to follow, such as not to patronize the clients.

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Au centre de la série : la profonde rivalité entre David et son demi-frère Laurent Saint-Pierre (Daniel Parent), digne successeur de son père comme maire de Montréal. Plus laxiste que son fils, Bernard Saint-Pierre (Paul Savoie) se meurt, entre une épouse (Marie Tifo) stricte et rigide et sa maîtresse officielle (Louise Portal), qui réclame son dû. À sa mort, la mairie s’érige désormais en escouade de la moralité, et veut nettoyer la rue Sainte-Catherine de ses établissements axés sur le sexe. De quoi alimenter la hargne entre les deux frères. Leur violence jusqu’ici réprimée s’apprête à exploser, et vous n’avez pas idée comment.

Serpent Horse, which will arouse much curiosity, does not have the finesse of the dialogues of Unit 9. Everything is played bigger, and one does not give in the subtlety. The series sometimes has the appearance of soap: rivalries, wars of inheritance, desires of revenge, murder! But once you have accepted the idea, the whole thing is entertaining. And the author knows how to catch the viewers. The scene where Dorice describes to Pete the almost erotic way of receiving clients at the door is tasty. But the whole political aspect seems caricatured.

Those who want to see the series first and foremost for bare dancers are not likely to be disappointed. We take the time to show in full their stripe numbers, on different themes: policemen, firemen, men of the woods, and even, in the undead. The “package” was put into acquiring the title rights as Unchain My Heart Ray Charles, I Put A Spell On You Jay Hawkins Sex Bomb by Tom Jones and I Was Made For Lovin ‘You Kiss . And the clients were in raptures in chorus before these bodies of Greek gods.

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Curious to see if the series will spark a debate on the different treatment accorded to female nudity than to male nudity. Moreover, you will see the breasts of the young Simone during an intense scene of fuck with her French lover. Catherine St-Laurent, who also played in Sur-Vie, is a great discovery in this series.

Dominique Chaloult, Director General of Radio-Canada, admits to having had several discussions with the team about the need to show the male member on the screen. “Does history serve?” He asked, before he came to the conclusion that it was not. Danielle Trottier recalls that Serpent-Horse is not a series on the frontal nudity of men. “Their sexy side is much more important than what they have between their legs,” she says.

If you do not want to pay more, it is already announced that the series will be broadcast later on ICI Radio-Canada Télé. The first season ends with a big punch, which certainly leaves room for a sequel. There, I stop for the holidays, wishing you a sunny summer.