Hossa will miss the next season

Marian Hossa will miss the entire 2017-2018 season due to a progressive skin disease that he has been fighting for several years. According to Sportsnet, it would be an allergy caused by hockey equipment.

The 38-year-old veteran of the Chicago Blackhawks suffers from severe side effects related to the medication he must take to treat this disease. These side effects make practicing hockey virtually impossible.

“I am disappointed not to be able to play but I have to take into account the severity of my illness and the side effects of treatments in my life on and off the rink,” said Hossa .

Hossa said he has been treated privately for several years under the supervision of the Blackhawks’ medical staff. Dr. Michael Terry said the team supported Hossa’s decision, adding that this was the appropriate approach “to keep it functional and healthy not only in the short term, but for the rest of its life” .

Director General Stan Bowman described the absence of Hossa as “significant loss”. A 19-year veteran, Hossa has only missed 46 games in the last six campaigns. He collected 45 points last season. “His teammates and coaches were aware that he was struggling with major physical barriers, but he never complained and never missed a meeting because of that,” Bowman said.

Difficult to replace

Hossa, a native of Slovakia, helped to conquer the Stanley Cup three times in eight seasons with the Hawks. His salary will take US $ 5.275 million of the payroll for the next four campaigns. The Blackhawks, who are confronted with wage ceiling restrictions, could put their names on the long-term injured list in order to ease their financial burden after giving them a $ 63.3 million contract for 12 years.

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Hossa has already pocketed $ 59.3 million under this contract. In fact, he will receive $ 1 million in each of the next four seasons. Under the agreement, the Blackhawks will likely prefer to keep Hossa on the long-term injury list rather than compel him to retire, resulting in penalties that would have an impact on the team’s payroll.

Since they will be able to temporarily subtract Hossa’s salary from their payroll, the Hawks will not have as many problems with their training as originally planned, following the two-year deal worth 12 million $ Granted to Artemi Panarin. However, Hossa’s offensive contribution will be difficult to replace.

The Slovak has 525 goals and 609 assists in 1,390 career games with the Ottawa Senators, Atlanta Thrashers, Detroit Red Wings, Pittsburgh Penguins and Hawks. He also earned 149 points in 205 playoff games and participated in five Stanley Cup finals.

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