Housekeeping cost the Armory

It was not only the fire that damaged the Armory in the aftermath of the fire in April 2008. Moisture and mold, as a result of watering firefighters, Although Ottawa spent $ 7.4 million to clean up the premises and mitigate the deterioration of the building.
The federal government spent $ 94.7 million of the $ 104 million planned for all of the work since the day Québec saw its military heritage building burnt down, revealing a compilation dated March 15, obtained by the Sun . This suggests that the envelope could be respected, as Minister Jean-Yves Duclos assured in February.
Some thirty budget items are on this list. The largest amount, construction, was redacted, but the $ 72.7 million contract awarded to Pomerleau was disclosed after the results of the call for tenders were unveiled.
Those entitled “Fire Protection and Removal” and “Institutional Building Maintenance” were $ 3.6 million and $ 3.8 million, respectively, for a total of $ 7.4 million. In the first few months after the fire, the site had to be cleaned and work to preserve the remaining structure was undertaken, said a spokesperson for Public Services and Supply Canada Sonia Tengelsen. “This included the removal of debris from the fire, work to stabilize the fragile heritage portions and the palisades protecting the masonry from the elements,” she enumerated.
“Since the fire, various activities and works have been required to mitigate the deterioration of moisture and mold, which have arisen as a result of watering activities to extinguish fire, and to preserve The building in an environment stabilized by a temporary system of ventilation and heating, “continues Tengelsen to describe the envelope granted to the” maintenance of institutional buildings “.
Translation and Travel
Even though they represent minor amounts compared to the total budget, the “travel” items ($ 35,083) and “translation” ($ 191,037) arouse curiosity. In the first case, it is the expenses incurred to move the officials assigned to the project and those of the consortium of architects for the plans and specifications and the supervision of the site, details the spokesman. Translation is the work of the Translation Bureau of the federal government in the English and French languages.
Work on the Manege envelope is scheduled for completion by the end of summer 2017, while those on the inside will “continue”, says Sonia Tengelsen without venturing on a date. Nevertheless, the spring of 2018 was mentioned by the various political actors.

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