“How alcohol destroys the youth”

“It was necessary to write this book”. From the preface, one feels the urgency felt by professor Amine benyamina l, head of the department of psychiatry and addiction of the Paul Brousse hospital (AP-HP), and president of the French Federation of addiction. In his book “How alcohol destroys the youth”, co-written with Marie-Pierre Samitier, journalist at France Télévisions, he looks back on the history of binge drinking, a session of drinking massive in full boom for a few years in France. In summary, the mechanisms at the origin of the addiction and the consequences of alcohol consumption, in particular on the brain.

Of deputies “vines”

The authors denounce the dismantling of the Evin law, who had been particularly strict on alcohol advertising that appeals. In question, lobbies that have been obtained, successively, of votes in the parliament, in particular grace, according to the Pr benyamina l, political alliances and conflicts of interests (he cites in particular, the deputies called “vines” by some health professionals). As many companies that make youth a priority target, creating products and promotion actions dedicated and investing the Internet and social networks. The professor and the journalist also point the finger at the difference in treatment between alcohol and tobacco, deploring the fact that the prevention is not the same. “According to data from the French Observatory of drugs and drug addiction dating back to 2010 and published in September 2015 (reflected in the report, Kopp), the alcohol cost per year to the State, that is to say, to the French, 120 billion euros – as much as the tobacco. While taxes on alcohol account for $ 3.3 billion in revenues – three times less than those on the tobacco,” they write.

How alcohol destroys the youth, Pr Amine benyamina l, Marie-Pierre Samitier, 205 pages, 15 euros. Albin Michel.

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