how much is Buzova: Prices stars for the holidays

The published list pricing performances of Russian stars on new year’s corporate parties with relevant information are the media. For example, Olga Buzova for performance at Christmas celebration asks for 1 million rubles, and as the lead – 1.5 million.


It became known that in the coming holidays a Alla Borisovna can be dispensed to the customer in 20 million rubles. The star reports that on new year’s eve it does not accept orders. Prefer not to work in holiday and other celebrities, in particular, Valery Meladze, Philip Kirkorov, and others. However, closer to the New year, wishing well to earn the artists will raise prices by 20-40%.

Unlike artists of the highest class, the speech of the younger generation are not so costly for the organizers. For example, Olga Buzova requires half a million rubles for participation in the corporate party, but the queue of those wishing to hear the voice of a rising star not yet built. Noted that one-third rose the speech by Sergey Shnurov, and will cost the party guests a gift of 7 million rubles.