How to drink wine to lose weight: four rules

Как правильно пить вино, чтобы похудеть: четыре правила

Sometimes alcohol, particularly wine, can help to achieve the cherished goal – to lose weight. You need to know a few rules of its use.

“The only one” suggested tips that you need to use in this case.

Need to drink dry

Red and white wine is the low calorie alcohol. It contains less sugar and almost never causes a hangover. In addition, scientists say that wine before bed helps to lose weight, the contained components to actively burn fat.

Together with a glass – glass of water

To make the wine even less nutritious, it can be slightly diluted with water, as it will allow you to avoid rapid intoxication, and will not be enticing “to eat” something delicious. You can also drink water before the party, don’t forget about the water during it and after. This will help to maintain water balance in the body.

Be sure to have a snack

Food slows the rate of absorption of alcohol into the body, and, therefore, harm from it will be less. To eat, of course, do not fried potatoes. Choose cheeses and other, if not nizkokalorina, healthy snacks. You can let even a bit of chocolate, scientists say that chocolate and red wine together useful and slimming.

Need control

A simple but effective tip is to know the measure. Studies say that drinking a little wine a day is extremely helpful. With a love of red wine they associate low cardiovascular morbidity among residents of the South of France.