How to minimize the harm of a school ruler: Suprun gave advice and expressed the position of the Ministry of health

Как минимизировать вред от школьной линейки: Супрун дала советы и выразила позицию Минздрава

Ensure that students are better moved school line September 1, it is necessary to introduce them, to protect from sun or rain to provide drinking water, etc. Such advice published by the acting Minister of health Suprun on the page in Facebook.

“School ruler on 1 September – a relic of the Soviet tradition, from which, it’s time to move in Ukrainian schools. In developed countries there is no tedious building, standing under the sun or the rain, listening to endless commencement speeches. After all, it is harmful primarily from a medical point of view,” wrote Suprun.

According to her, the Ministry of health does not recommend the ruler. But if you avoid the celebrations impossible, is to listen to these tips to minimize risks:

  • You need to protect yourself from the scorching sun and heat injury. If this is not possible – to limit the time range. You need to provide schoolchildren with potable water. There should be a health care worker who can provide first aid in case of need.
  • To reduce the level of stress, you need to introduce children. Even if it is not first-graders, before beginning a formal event is to gather together, meet with newcomers, to share summer impressions, to do a job that strengthens the team.
  • In front of the ruler is to give children the opportunity to move and talk. And in the process to allow students to be actively involved, for example, to do exercises.
  • It is also worth to explain to the children why you need such an event and what is the role of their class in him. It can be support the younger, the speech and the congratulations of those present.

“And yet, the attempt to explain the purpose of children often helps the adults to understand the uselessness and, in some places, and the absurdity of certain things and ideas,” said Suprun.

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