How to travel the most pleasant experience

Как получить от путешествия максимум приятных впечатлений

For those who are more important to bring out travel the sea of positive emotions than a fridge magnet.

Как получить от путешествия максимум приятных впечатлений

Tatyana Vergun

English teacher, visited more than 40 countries.

Independent travellers prefer to save time, effort and money. But the impressions they can get enough. I want it to be only positive emotions. I think my tips will help you to make any trip special journey.

In the preparation of

1. Find more information

Spend a few hours on the Internet looking for you need information. Read reviews about the places where you want to stay, attractions you want to visit. Browse the most negative and the most positive of them. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

2. Wisely choose a housing

If you book the hotel via the famous sites you should pay attention to its location. Sometimes it is better to pay for housing in the centre, just over a hostel on the outskirts, than it is to spend good money and time on the road.

You better know what is more important to you: included Breakfast, Wi-Fi or refrigerator in the room.

The first time I was in Kuala Lumpur I wanted to from my window you could see were the twin towers. I don’t remember the price of the rooms, but I remember the feeling of infinite happiness, which gave me this view. And in Tehran cosy room in the centre of the capital cost mere pennies due to the lack of a European bathroom.

3. Gather only the necessary

Do not bring very valuable things. Clothing — comfortable and lightweight, food — non-perishable, medicines — effective and not prohibited in the country in which you are traveling.

I have a habit of taking clothes, which is not sorry to leave, and the extent of contamination just leave her in the hotel on the release. In developing countries, my jeans and t-shirts will find new owners, others will be put into recycle raw materials. I indulge myself with new clothes. Classy, but inexpensive. Each photograph — a new bow!

The trip

1. Fix

Write down your thoughts, impressions, funny words of the local language, take photos and shoot video. Listen, watch, collect tastes and smells. I can’t take pictures the first day after the flight/moving and never treat their pictures! So I’m not nervous about not very fresh look at the acclimatization period and know exactly what country I was burned or recovered on local Goodies.

I photograph everything at once. Better then to remove unnecessary images than miss something incredibly funny, amazing or strange.

I, for example, there is a photograph of an Israeli police officer tries to detain my husband for suspicious behavior. And even in the family photo archive has preserved images of places that no longer exist on Earth: arches Legzira in Morocco, the Syrian Palmyra.

2. Forget about iconic attractions

Hardly recognized landmark of any country or city on your photos will not look like all the other inhabitants of the planet, depicting it. You can choose from the variety of wonderful places only those that are necessary to you personally! For me the most desirable places to visit in Istanbul Museum of modern art and stairs colored stairs nearby.

3. Do not try to grasp the immensity

Make a travel itinerary according to your taste, plan a trip according to your desire and schedule according to your lifestyle. But a detailed plan can become a burden, a source of guilt. Don’t limit yourself to frames, relax and enjoy the unexpected, sudden, unforeseen!

4. Do not starve

Eat high quality and inexpensive food. Salad bought at the local market vegetables and steamed in the room of buckwheat will save you from unnecessary spending and poisoning. In my backpack always a bottle of water and a granola bar or nuts bought in the supermarket, not near the attractions.

However, the local cuisine of any country is worth to try it. Find cute and inexpensive cafes where the locals eat. Order what they eat. Enjoy! Of course, if you have doubts about the food quality or the durability of your stomach, it is better to abstain.

5. Think of your “chip”

Do what you want for you, in the place where everyone is doing the same thing. I drink coffee with a view. Usually near the hottest attractions full of cafes or restaurants for a very common coffee will charge you extraordinarily a lot of money. I brewed your favorite coffee in the room, take it along in a travel mug and choose the best. The taste of coffee with view — special! The view from the coffee — unforgettable!

6. Communicate with people

Drop the stereotypes, expand and communicate with people regardless of their religion, social status, appearance, nationality or native language. Share information, Souvenirs, contacts. This will give a new experience will open up new opportunities! So I have made friends who inspire me to extraordinary things.

7. Don’t buy junk

Waste your money on what really want. I don’t buy any Souvenirs. I quote from the travel special tea, cool spices or unusual cosmetics.

After traveling

1. Prolong pleasure

Take photos, view videos. Write nice messages to your new friends. Call family or friends for a theme party, prepare the national dish, show the best photos from your trip, tell us about your impressions.

2. Start planning a new trip

There is so much interesting!

Remember my advice, read a dozen recommendations of other travelers and follow only those that you believe are useful. I’m sure that evidence of your journey will remain cool photos, new friends and sensual experience.