HRW: Adventure in Eastern Ukraine robbing and destroying hospitals and doctors threaten

hrwInternational human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) has presented a report indicating that the militants operating in the East of Ukraine threatened doctors, rob and destroy medical equipment in hospitals and endanger civilians getting medical care.
“Attacks pro fighters for medical units and personnel threaten patients and those who care about them. This is a terrible neglect of the sick and wounded, which should be stopped immediately,” – said the representative of HRW Europe and Central Asia Yulia Gorbunova, reports ” Radio Liberty . ”

Human rights groups have documented cases of abduction and four ambulances and use them for their own purposes.

It is reported that by applying killed at least two medical professionals.

Experts HRW also reported that the gunmen also resorted to kidnapping medical personnel to assist their wounded soldiers. Relevant cases have been recorded in the hospital in Donetsk Kalinin and Lenin Hospital Slavic.

Since June 2014 artillery shells and rockets struck at least five hospitals in eastern Ukraine.

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