“Hubert and Fanny”: funny place for a meeting

Photo: Pedro Ruiz The Duty
Actors Thomas Beaudoin and Mylène St-Sauveur on the red carpet of the series “Hubert and Fanny”, in December last year

Social worker with a big heart, Fanny (Mylène St-Sauveur) flows from quiet days with her lover (Mickaël Gouin) for the past seven years. Tattoo artist at charm pest, Hubert (Thomas Beaudoin) collects the stories of a night and did that to only love his dog. In the course of a robbery in a bank where they are taken hostage, Fanny and Hubert to lose their bearings. And if Hubert was the man of her life ? And if Fanny could be the only woman in his bed ?


“Is this because of that time that they could be together ? Or is this the moment that will change ? It is this basis that I want to work. Initially, I wanted to go to a police series, but I knew that District 31 and various came, and there was also a police story in Memories bright. So I took instinctively a different turn, ” reveals the author Richard Blaimert (The highs and lows of Sophie Paquin, New address) about his new series, Hubert and Fanny (which will fill the space left in the time slot by mémoires vives (vivid Memories).


Romeo and Juliet at Rosemont


Performed by Mariloup Wolfe (Breaks), with the exception of episodes seven to nine signed Richard Blaimert, this series of twelve episodes not only puts the stage for a tandem offsuit, but two families where everything is not always of any rest. As well, Hubert, who lives with his roommate (Rodley Pitt), a geek ” adulescent “, must deal with his father (Mark Messier), marginal anxiety, his mother (Anne-Marie Cadieux), eternal love, and the new lover of the latter (Bernard Fortin). Over the episodes, we will discover the family history of Hubert, which will make them even more endearing.


The side of Fanny, who can count on her best friend (Olivia Palacci), we find his father (Henri Chassé) and his step-mother (Fanny Mallette), who will soon walk with their son (André Kasper, the Siffleux of up-Country), who reveals to be a girl. To stir the pot of all this beautiful world, and make people laugh in the cottages, there is the big sister of Fanny (Christine Beaulieu) and her husband (Mani Soleymanlou).

Is this because of that time that they could be together ? Or is this the moment that will change ? It is this basis that I want to work.
Richard Blaimert

At the press meeting, following the projection of the first three episodes of Hubert and Fanny, Richard Blaimert and Mariloup Wolfe praised the professionalism of the young André, who defends a delicate role : “It would have been difficult with an actor without experience of playing a character with so much ambiguity and depth to an age where you can suffer bullying at school. Andre has all the tools, he already has a career, he will not be identified in this role. At the hearing, he was already living all of the emotions that he has to live in the series. I’ve only accompanied in there, ” says the director.


“In the New address, I had a character gay. We always try to do challenges, to deal with something new. I found it really interesting to come up with a new color because I had the impression to have done the trick. I’ve done a lot of research because I didn’t really know the trans issues. The difficulty is that it is a family drama that explores how we love, how we have been loved, how we grew up, ” explains the author.


While the action of the New address was anchored in a universe of bourgeois, Blaimert and Wolfe have wanted the intrigues of Hubert and Fanny, tour in Rosemont, and evolve in a world that is more popular. “I work a lot with photography, tells the story of Mariloup Wolfe. I make paintings with Pinterest ; everything is scrutinized : light, colors, decoration, costumes… there are some who may laugh at it, but me, I work well with it. I make tables for each universe, that is to say, that I can have 50 tables for the tattoo shop of Hubert. I am inspired by the old barber shops ; so I made several tables with vintage objects. “


The director continues : “I love the against-days, have the scenery with the windows, put the characters in front of or behind windows, so you can have several layers. In staging, I want to find also the idea of the brothel, a mess, because I want that the backgrounds are realistic, inhabited, as it is fluid, organic, free feel the mise en scene. “


In addition to the aesthetics of the series, which strikes us is the use of the voice in off : “In the first two blocks, it was the way of presenting Hubert and Fanny ; because I wanted to have a panorama of their life. I found it quite refreshing and it gave me the freedom to express the opposite of what one sees or to focus on something, ” concludes Richard Blaimert.

Hubert and Fanny

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