Hug stated that he does not consider Russia as the aggressor

Хуг заявил, что не считает Россию агрессором

Former first Deputy head of the Special monitoring of the OSCE mission Alexander hug said that he does not consider Russia as the aggressor. He said this in an interview to “TSN”.

“No, but I believe that Russia, like Ukraine and some regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, recognized that there is a big problem that needs solving, and they all assumed obligations,” said hug.

He added that he still reflects on the desire to “one day to call an aggressor an aggressor.”

Earlier in an interview with the BBC stated about the absence of Russian military intervention in Donbas. In addition, OSCE observers saw people with signs of the Russian Federation, however, according to him, this form you can buy anywhere.

Russia began its aggressive actions in Ukraine in 2014, annexing the Crimea and the fighting in the Donbass. As of February 2017 was lost 9.8 per thousand, 23 thousand were injured, and nearly 1.8 million people were displaced. Thus, Russia has captured 7.2% of the territory of Ukraine.

25 January 2017 the Verkhovna Rada has recognized the Russian Federation as an aggressor.

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