Hugh Jackman told why he refused the role of James bond in the early 2000s

Hugh Jackman, the famous Australian actor, told, why did not want to play James bond in the early 2000-ies. He was considered for the role of agent 007, as a possible candidate to replace Pierce Brosnan.


Hugh Jackman admitted that he was regarded as a performer of the role of the famous agent. At the beginning of this century, the Aussie could play James bond. According to Jackman, he just had to start shooting the film “People of IKS-2” when he called his agent with an offer of bond. The representative of the actor said that while he will not be able to influence the course of the plot of James bond, and Jackman, at the time, it seemed that the events in the film look too unrealistic. At the decision of the actor into account the fact that between filming the two movies he won’t have any free time, so he refused.

Recall that after the Pierce Brosnan agent 007 was playing Daniel Craig. He has already managed to star in four films about James bond.