Human Rights: UN criticizes US presidency

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights attacked President Donald Trump on Wednesday, saying the United States needed “better leadership” to deal with the escalating violence against Ethnic and religious minorities.
“I am concerned about how the new administration is increasingly dealing with human rights issues,” said Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, who spoke at the annual session of the Human Rights Council. The United Nations.
“We need better and more coherent leadership to deal with the recent surge of discrimination, anti-Semitism and violence against ethnic and religious minorities,” he said.
He stressed that “the demonization of entire groups such as Mexicans or Muslims” and “misleading assertions that migrants commit more crimes than US citizens are harmful and fuels xenophobia”.
“I am shocked by the president’s attempts to intimidate or undermine the actions of journalists and judges,” he said, while Donald Trump repeatedly accused several major media To be disinformation bodies, “enemies of the American people”.
The High Commissioner also expressed his “concern” with the new US President’s decree prohibiting the entry of US citizens to nationals of six Muslim countries for 90 days, as well as “policies to increase the number of Muslims”. Migrants at risk of being deported, in spite of the fact that they may have lived in the United States for years or have family members. ”
“These accelerated expulsions may be synonymous with collective expulsion or refoulement, which is contrary to international law, unless guarantees are made, including from the point of view of the case-by-case assessment of cases” “He said,” particularly concerned about the potential impact this can have on children at risk of being behind bars or separated from their families. ”
In his speech, Zeid also criticized the European Union, expressing its concern “by repeated calls by the EU to set up extra-territorial treatment centers or camps in North Africa and elsewhere to treat Migration issues without due regard for human rights “.
“Many ordinary citizens of Europe have welcomed migrants, provided them with support, but their political leaders are increasingly showing a frightening indifference to their fate,” he said, pointing to In particular Hungary and Poland.

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