Humanitarian goods delivered to farmers in Ternopil area ATO

IMG_0420-300x200Humanities road train with food, there were 320 tons and two ambulances for battalions “Ternopil” and “Aydar” made it to their destination safely and at the scheduled time. This was due to the traffic police departments around the route of the column.
Agroprodservice, help, ATO All delivered goods have been officially accepted and accounted in the central of the Defense Ministry in the area of ​​TU. From there it has carried about by military units directly on the front and checkpoints.
Command Central Service provisioning Defense Ministry expressed its gratitude to farmers Ternopil For help our army.
– I think that we keep his sacred duty to Ukrainian soldiers, who in arms, often the cost of their lives, protect their homeland, – said John Chaykivs’ka event that led humanitarian road train to your destination.

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