Humanity in 10 years refuse heart transplants for the sake of ethics

Since the first heart transplant it’s been 50 years. This memorable date is today celebrated all over the world. In connection with the event expressed by the famous British surgeon Stephen Westaby, noting that humanity is ten years later, most likely, will refuse from this operation in favour of ethical considerations. Instead, science will step to the extent that it is possible to install an artificial organ in combination with stem cells.


The scientist notes that can help in that way will be able to significantly more people, which meant large queues simply do not survive to surgery. Westaby, argues with the fact that after a transplant the person has a chance to live a few more years, but he stresses that this practice should be abandoned, because, in the end, it only helps some. Instead, all forces and possibilities of scientific minds should be cast to rescue the maximum number of patients through the development of artificial substitutes.

For example, statistics show that more than 15 thousand people younger than 65 years only in the UK in need of a heart transplant, but annually not more than 150 such operations. This happens because of a serious shortage of donors.

Please take my words adequately! I wholeheartedly support a heart transplant. Some patients after these procedures can live another 20 years or more, enjoying a high quality of life, but what’s the point in investing such huge funds in something that helps the strength of 1%? For ten years, we need to abandon the practice and go to work with a change of artificial organs“, – said Westaby.