Hydro-Quebec provides assistance to Nova Scotia, while quebec’s is good

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
An employee of Hydro-Quebec during the storm, on Friday, in Montreal

Despite the extreme cold which prevails in Quebec and the storm which has swept on Friday in the eastern province, the Hydro-Québec network is holding strong.


Just 500 customers were without power Saturday morning, mostly in the Montérégie region.

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During this time, 115 employees of Hydro-Québec have been dispatched in Nova Scotia since Wednesday to lend a hand to the Nova Scotia Power in order to repair the many breaks, mainly in the Halifax area.


At the height of the outages, 270 000 customers were without power. Saturday morning, just to 2900 subscribers were still without power.


In addition, Hydro-Québec has not received any request for assistance of the States of the american east coast, which was severely struck by the storm.