I don’t care a blow for the royal wedding

Je me fous royalement du mariage royal

Look at this article

Zzzzzzzzzz. Excuse me if I yawn, but the wedding of the century is that in a month and I am already whereas to hear about the union of prince Harry and the working-class Meghan Markle. “Boring,” as they say at Buckingham Palace.

Why does the media lose so the head in front of the royal family ? A fairy-tale ? You want to laugh !


Journalists have every right to be upset in front of all that touches from near or from far the royal family. But we would like to show in front of this family with the same critical sense that they apply to other aspects of our society. In other words, keep calm !

Since the announcement of the betrothal of a prince, on November 27, 2017, nothing is spared. What does it look the part, that will make the dress, what flavor for the cake. There are only the color of the bobettes of the bridesmaids and the size of toothpicks to hold sandwiches no crust which have not yet been peeled, dissected, analyzed.

In the women’s magazines, it is one-upmanship. Women major and vaccinated, which leaves aside any remaining dignity to marvel at the engagement ring, the kiss, the prince charming so charming, like little girls dreaming in front of a Disney movie.

I can’t believe that at the same time that women stand up and claim their rights, of the hordes of ancient times pick up the pom-pom because of a career woman who will give up his job to marry the prince charming !

Meghan Markle had a successful career as an actress in front of her, thanks to her role in the series Suits. And she leaves it to go cut ribbons and working with charitable organizations… chosen by the entourage of her husband.

This is your ideal, ladies, in 2018 ?

At a time when it denounces the men who dictate that women of religious choice, Meghan, who is protestant, had converted, and was baptized and confirmed according to the rite of the anglican Church.

To those who are already calling princess Meghan, sorry to blow your bubble, but his official title will be ” Her Royal Highness the princess Henry of Wales “. Misery, it will bear the name of her husband ! And feminists don’t say a word ?

I thought I had reached my quota of ” cover royal “, but the drop that made to overflow my cup of tea is when I saw the two trailers of the telefilm Harry & Meghan : The Royal Love Story, which will air may 13 next Lifetime (a week before the wedding).

The last time I saw so many marshmallows, it was in a box of Whippet. It looks like a novel with Harlequin. As if The Heart has its reasons, took place in London.

The slogan of the telefilm is A fairy tale comes true (A tale of fairies, which is realized).

The last time that an actress known married a prince, it was Grace Kelly who left a great career as an actress to go be locked in a prison with golden Monaco. And you can’t really say that it was a fairy tale in her case, isn’t it ?