I have to give a reason to Sophie

Look at this article

I make amends and gives reason to my colleague, Sophie Durocher, who often takes to the French that it accuses of betraying our language by the screening of English words.

Come to think of it, I was wrong of me to challenge against one of his recent columns on the subject. I just find him an ally, and not any.

This is André Vallini, a judge of the High Court of justice of France, senator and former secretary of State in charge of Development and Francophonie. Yesterday, it was published in the daily newspaper Le Figaro an article that looks very much like some of the chronicles of Sophie on the tongue.

The senator is taking on the countless English words that pollute now the French language in his country. He cites, for example, the shopping centers that have become ” outlets “, the Carrefour stores, which have become a “hub markets” and ” Carrefour city “. He denounces the hundreds of advertising slogans in English, like Born to be a super dad of the perfumer Marionnaud.


Even public companies such as SNCF or Air France anglicisent all. In the railway stations of the SNCF, has been called the new office space ” Work and Station “. Air France, a State-owned company whose new slogan is France is in the air, no longer communicates in English with its customers. Even Air Canada would not dare to go so far.

The media are not less guilty. France Télévisions has launched the issuance Actuality, I-Tele, which already had its ” newsroom “, has become CNews. As for the Figaro , and her magazine Madam, that the senator Vallini dare not mention, don’t they have their topics,” Talk “, “Partner “” News Mrs “, ” Buzz Bubble Glam “, ” Gimmick Food “, ” Note Book “, their “cover story “and their” city guide ” ?

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Senator Vallini denounces large companies and schools of higher education where the French ceded more space to the English. At PSA-Peugeot, the plan of ” Push to pass ” has replaced the ” Back to the race “. At Saclay, we inaugurated a ” LabFactory “, new jewel of the ” French Tech “. The business schools are now “business schools “and the schools of engineering,” engineering schools “.


France has no law 101, but it has its equivalent : the act of 1994, which recalls in its article 1, that the French language is a fundamental element of the personality and heritage of France “.

I have written that our language is threatened by English, which we émaillons that by the words in the English language that is particularly fond of a certain elite French. It is less and less true.

The use of phrases and words from English language has become in France an epidemic virulent that spread to the daily all the major media. At this rate, it will take a bit of time before this epidemic does not affect irreversibly the language.

The language conveyed by the elite, and especially by the media, soon became the talk everywhere. In fact, the cursing and swearing of our drama and our comedy clubs that have become common in the language of all Quebecers, young or old, men or women. There is not so long ago, these big words are found only in the mouths of the people rude or badly-behaved.