If the line of uniting the opposition will continue, it has a future.

Если линия объединения оппозиции будет продолжена, это имеет перспективу, - эксперт

In that case, if the new practice of unification of opposition forces in Ukraine will continue, it may have a future in the future. Such opinion on air of “112 Ukraine” said political analyst Cyril Riganow.

“If we continue the line of unity around ideology, principles, which thus Medvedchuk was voiced in an interview with Le Monde, it could be very promising. And most importantly, in these conditions will not be a fundamental difference who will be elected as a single candidate, because the focus will shift from the individual that will represent one of the groups or to be neutral, but still be analyzed in this context, the individual that expresses certain principles that are common to all,” said Rezanov.

As noted, the party “For life” and “Opposition bloc” signed an agreement about unification of the opposition and urged other political forces to join the General “platform of the Opposition For life”.

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