Illegal checkpoints Donbass coal to remove a tax police – Moskal

To this must be attributed to coal of excisable goods will tax authorities the right to monitor the coal and remove it.
Chairman of the Luhansk Regional State Administration Moskal invites the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk reinforce extreme outpost located on the boundary line in the area of ATO, tax police units to prevent trafficking of coal. This is the official site of the head of Lugansk Regional State Administration.

In addition, infection of the same goals Moskal proposes to include coal excisable goods.

According to the chairman of RSA, Ukrainian legislation does not provide any military formation control functions of the freight traffic. Instead, under the law, the tax police has the right to check and remove excisable goods (cigarettes, alcohol, etc.) in the case of illegal origin.

“The weight of coal uncontrollably moved by the FSC in Ukraine controlled territory. To manage this process, I propose to include coal excisable product lines, entering him excise symbolic. What will the tax police the right to monitor closely the passage of coal until his removal,” – stresses Moskal.

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