Immigration reform: the PQ wants to prioritize the candidates in French-speaking Quebec-based

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Among the 18 000 files of candidates for immigration destined for the trash, the Parti québécois asks the government Legault to keep those that relate to francophones who are already working in Quebec.

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“You live in Québec, you speak French, you’re already in employment: it, what are the priority issues, said today the government house leader of the PQ Pascal Bérubé. It is able to do, you just need to put more resources and is able to get there.”

The training sovereigntist has been largely absent from the debate since the tabling of bill 9 last Thursday. The legislative reform of the government Legault provides for the cancellation pure and simple of 18,000 outstanding files, to rather invite the candidates to submit their application on the new platform Arrima. According to the office of the minister Simon Jolin-Barrette, approximately 3700 files of candidates for immigration have been filed in Quebec.

The PQ does not have the same requirements for approximately 14,000 other records in the queue, which represent up to 35 000 people. In fact, since only one folder is required for a family, the department believes that one needs to apply a ratio of 2.5 to requests made outside of Quebec.

Pascal Bérubé says that the decision to cancel the other folder is the “government’s choice”.

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