In 2018 Apple will release three new smartphones: the Answer to the failure of the iPhone X?

Does the iPhone X was a disappointment for the fans? What to expect from Apple in the future? The answers to these and many other questions below.


Its the gadget that many are calling revolutionary, Apple released in early November. Since then, already discovered some bugs in the device and appear the need for serious bugfixes, but the most important thing is that insiders and designers are already rather safely assume that, for example, in the following year users are waiting for three new edge-to-edge gadget from Apple. Quite a bold and ambitious statement. So what should be expect users willing to pay for gadgets supercinski the company any money.

Size matters


For several years Apple worked on a single, proven marketing scheme. Together with the leader also came out and it improved, but, more importantly, a larger version, and iPhone X came out in one embodiment. Some fans immediately began to wonder whether this is part of a plan or simply the inability of Apple at the moment to make the gadget larger? The second option seems more reasonable, although knowing the company’s experts, they are likely to camouflage it under the first. But it is only incidentally, without specific hints. Can we expect that next year the gadget will appear larger, Yes, of course. And some say all three to please everyone and certainly.

Experts, for example, agree that Tim cook is likely to show edge-to-edge phablet with a diagonal of 6.7-inch iPhone X Plus. However, while it is more like a fantasy than a truth. After all, this diagonal makes even a phone without a framework like the tablet, but love Apple for the aesthetics won’t allow it. But then someone has to argue for the unaesthetic frame on the screen in the “top ten”.

More interesting seems the prospect of release of a mini-flagship. No one has forgotten quite a promising idea with the iPhone SE, adopted at first extremely cold but only until it began to fall in price. And when it happened it was in many countries almost the “running” of the company’s gadgets, because the version with the new SE sounds good and even attractive, and amid rumors that Samsung on the future the presentation will also present a mini-version of the S9, it becomes very plausible.

What’s wrong with Face ID?


Apple presentations are so praised its system of face recognition that some do believe it will come without drawbacks. They waited for some disappointment. There are a number of critical comments which, hopefully, Apple will consider this and will depict.

iPhone X far not the first attempt to consider the person of the owner, if he’s sitting or even lying down. Also have problems if you try to unlock the phone at a certain angle. Users constantly complain about how much they are annoyed with this feature. Almost all on the Internet already know about the problems of “tens” and “twins”, but not all know that the problem with “next of kin”. For example, the smartphone is the “little brother” can unlock “big.”

People without the “pink glasses” just said. The system is extremely complicated, because without the “roughness” will not do. At the time, Touch ID also not happy weight “but”, but then Apple brought it almost to perfection. At the moment, alas, Face ID can only admire those who are willing to clear the distance at the right angle to hold your iPhone X and enjoy this time to recognize a face still managed.

What users are saying?

In this article, we have attempted to group large enough and, as it seemed to us something truthful reviews and opinions from domestic and not only users.

Emotions from the screen hitting the key only on the first day. When the euphoria ends, it is the screen, which works according to the statements, only from zero to 35 degrees Celsius. It turned out, however, that the sensor often does not want to work even at low positive temperature and on the touch of your fingers refuse to react“, said one of the owners.

For this reason, you can only say that for Russia this problem is extremely significant. California residents, for example, about the cold not to think at all. But we have to, because here the low temperature permanent phenomenon and it can lasts up to nine months of the year. So, all this time, gadget for 80 thousand rubles will not respond to manipulations of users and everything in this way? It is difficult to call it positive news.

I sometimes think that Apple generally does not use beta-testers and all makes for loyal fans and is enriched at their expense. But it is important to turn to those who first buys a phone and expects extravaganza. You need to understand a certain thing: first, you are overpaid, sometimes substantially, and secondly, you’re testing the crude product. Think several times before taking the hit expensive models, “said an expert in the field of mobile technology Nicholas Turubara.

Not sad

Definitely glad that Apple is trying to try something new, interesting and experimental. The last presentation in many aspects, if detail to understand, broken canons, arrayed for so many years. After the success of Galaxy S8 from the eternal competitor in the form of Samsung expect anything else and it was not necessary, but it can not but rejoice. All those who’s blaming Apple for the price, the game second and so-forth, remember that the company still remains the brand with the largest annual turnover. A few years ago it was 700 billion dollars, and therefore the experts, Apple clearly have a plan of action, and all the defects of iPhone X, there is no doubt, will fix in the next updates, and next year will release an improved version where it will consolidate the success.

Because the Apple fans suggest to be patient and believe in your favorite brand, and the haters continue to discuss the green line on the screen, frames, defects, and more. Urgent for everybody.