In 2018, pyrotechnics DSNs defused more than 44 thousand ammunition

В 2018 году пиротехники ГосЧС обезвредили более 44 тысяч боеприпасов

Since the beginning of 2018 in Ukraine seized more than 44 thousand ammunition. This reports the press service of Goschs.

“From the beginning, pyrotechnic units of SES were seized and destroyed 44,463 thousand explosive objects, including 610 bombs” – say representatives of the Department.

So, the stress in the SES, only for the last three days of pyrotechnics went to 68 calls. The results of the visits was discovered 322 of ammunition, including two aerial bombs.

With the aim of preventing accidents among the population of employees of the Antimonopoly remind basic rules of safe handling of the found munitions – not to touch and move a suspicious object, do not try to fill it with fluids, fill with soil, or cover, to help in any way (sound, light, heat or mechanical) effect. In case of detection of suspicious subjects immediately to inform by room 101 or 102. In any case it is impossible to attempt to defuse the explosive subject was found or to disassemble it.

Earlier in Kharkov in the flower bed near the house found a grenade RGD-5 with fuses uzrgm-2.

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