In 2019, the milléniaux want a fashion responsible

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2019 may be the year where consumers who reject certain codes of the fashion industry. It is this announcement, in any case, a study of the resale website Thredup.

In fact, one in four women would like to stop the practice of the fast mode. This trend is renewed very common clothing for a relatively low price to encourage the purchase.

These resolutions are particularly relevant to women, young people, generations Y and Z. 40 % of milléniaux want to stop supporting brands of fast mode.

In addition, 50 % of women surveyed between 18 and 25 years of age have announced a desire to better respect the environment by opting to purchase clothing second-hand.

Similarly, nearly 42 % of women argue that they buy articles of best quality.

This trend is sensitive to the environmental cause and to a consumption less frantic know all the same an obstacle to economic order, the better quality products are generally more expensive.

Although there is a path between resolution and achievement, proponents of a shift in the purchasing practices can rejoice.





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