In a sign of solidarity with Director James Gunn actress Selma Blair has deleted his Twitter account

В знак солидарности с режиссером Джеймсом Ганном актриса Сельма Блэр удалила свой аккаунт в Twitter

Actress Selma Blair in a sign of solidarity with Director James Gunn, who was fired by the Disney Studio for speaking a decade ago, deleted my Twitter account.

Writes Justjared, first actress issued a last message, informing its subscribers that they could find her in Instagram, and then deleted the tweet, and the Twitter account.

Note that a few days earlier Selma Blair was supported by James Gunn on Twitter, urging his fans to sign a petition in defense of the disgraced Director of “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

Apparently, this measure seemed inadequate to the actress and she decided to delete your account completely.

As previously reported, the Director of “Star wars” Ryan Johnson has removed more than 20 thousand comments on Twitter.

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