In Africa, found the giant skull of an unidentified creature

В Африке найден гигантский череп неопознанного существа

On the Eastern shore of the African continent were found the skull, which can’t identify. Some witnesses believe that on the shore threw the skull of the dragon. It is reported РlanetaNovosti.

The Internet users along with scientists tried to find out the identity of the remains. One version is the bones of a hippopotamus. That’s just the locals deny this theory: the natives saw a lot of skulls of hippos, so I would define who owns the skull.

В Африке найден гигантский череп неопознанного существа

Experts at the moment did not analyze the findings. Maybe research will reveal the world a new animal that ever lived on our planet. Relative to the version of the dragon: the skeletons of creatures that were found previously, often was either a hoax, or belonged to the unknown science of the dinosaurs.

Therefore, dragons could not exist, and a variety of evidence pop up from time to time in the network, they may not be.

Heated imagination of the people and the desire to become famous has not been canceled.