In Argentina accidentally took a picture of six-foot Chupacabra (video)

В Аргентине случайно засняли двухметровую чупакабру (видео)

Witnesses from Argentina managed to capture the beast of unknown origin who roamed the streets and killed two dogs. It is reported VladTime.

Local residents felt that the two-meter creature could be a Chupacabra.

It is reported that last week at night on the streets: in the Argentine province of Santa Fe bloodthirsty six-foot creature killed two dogs, namely pit bull Terrier and German shepherd. Witnesses described a frightening creature as “man, palagione”.

Footage of a mystical animal first appeared on the YouTube channel UFO Mania.

In the comments netizens speculated that it could be a Chupacabra – a blood-thirsty monster from ancient legends.

Ufologist Jimmy rice said that the video took a real creature that really many people called the Creature or Chupacabra.