In Australia, after a shark attack killed a tourist

В Австралии после нападения акулы погиб турист

Shark attacked a 33-year-old tourist during boat trips in the Australian state of Queensland. Due to injuries and severe blood loss, the man died, reports the BBC.

It is reported that the victim was Australian from Victoria. As part of a large group of people he went on the boat to the picturesque Whitsunday island, and was bitten while swimming. Despite all efforts to save him failed.

The attack occurred at dusk, when sharks become more active.

The deceased tourist has become the third victim of a shark near the Whitsunday Islands from the beginning of autumn. Within two days 18 and 19 September from predators there damaged a 46-year-old woman and a 12 year old girl. Both doctors managed to save it, but the girl lost a leg.

After the tragedy, the coast guard and the fisheries service spent catching a few large tiger and white sharks. Then again The beaches were declared safe for swimming and recreation.

According to the official information of the authorities of Australia, after the tragedy that happened on Monday, the statistics of shark attacks this year looks like this: one dead and 16 wounded.

What was the reason of the aggression of the sharks zoologists can not explain. According to them on the territory of the Great barrier reef, dwells the 88 species of sharks.

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