In Balakliya Kharkiv region lit unauthorized dump

  • В Балаклее Харьковской области горит несанкционированная свалка

  • В Балаклее Харьковской области горит несанкционированная свалка

Today, Sunday August 26, there was a fire at an unauthorized dump near Balakliya, Kharkiv region. About it reports a press-service of the regional GU of Goschs.

Specifies that the message about the fire came in room 101 at 12:05.

“The arrival of the first rescue units DSNs, it was established that the fire spread at the dump on an area of about 1.5 hectares, seized part of the forest belt and threatened to spread to the nearby city dump city of Balakliya”, – reported the representatives of the Antimonopoly.

At the moment, to extinguish the fire are 9 fire and rescue units of the SES of Blakley and neighboring areas – a total of 40 personnel and 9 vehicles. In addition, extinguishing attracted voluntary fire brigades of private agricultural enterprise “Svitanok” and the village of Andreevka, as well as departmental fire protection of the Ministry of defense.

As of 16:05 to extinguish the fire were also drawn fire SES helicopter Mi-8. As of 16:53 the fire managed to localize.

There were no injuries.

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