In Bogomolets NMU took place clashes between police and students.

In Bogomolets NMU took place clashes between police and students due to the arrival of the newly appointed Ministry of health acting rector of the National medical University Bogomolets Yury Kuchin. Not allowed it on the workspace for the second time, reports “5 channel”.

At the entrance to the higher education institutions Kuchina was stopped by the students of the institution: they officially announced the holding of a peaceful protest. At 9 am the acting rector tried to go to the office accompanied by a lawyer and three representatives of the Ministry. Then the students formed a “living wall”.

“In response to the resistance, the newly appointed acting rector called the police. For a few minutes about a dozen law enforcement officers arrived at the scene – a conflict broke out between them and the student protesters, which continued inside the building. As a result of collision of several students were taken to the hospital, and the interim rector is still registered in the office of the University the order of the Ministry of health on his appointment,” reports media.

After termination of the contract with the former rector Kateryna Amosova, the duties of the rector performed the first rector Yaroslav Tsekhmister. Now the Ministry of health has appointed Yury Kuchin.

“We are absolutely not having this… misunderstanding, why do we was appointed as the new acting rector. It’s just the idea of the Ministry of health, which is not supported by absolutely nothing. The decision of our University community was not any on this account”, – said the Chairman of the student Council of the dental faculty of NMU. Bogomolets Sergey Surovtsev.

“Law enforcement officers have created a corridor through which we went and met with Pro-rector of Yaroslav Vladimirovich Tsehmistro and thus concluded the matter. The order is registered,” – commented Yury Kuchin.

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