In Britain, the capture of drug dealer helped photos his palm WhatsApp

In Britain, the law enforcement officers were able to detain the drug dealer with the help of unexpected ways. They were helped by photos of the palm of the criminals caught in WhatsApp.

The picture was found in a smartphone belonging to one of the detained drug dealers. The gadget was confiscated during a RAID in the city of Bridgend.

One of the officers engaged in a careful analysis of the correspondence of the detainee, which he carried out in WhatsApp. There is something meticulous and law enforcement found a photograph, which is useful for the investigation.

The caption under it asked, what it wants to purchase by the customer. In the picture depicted a palm, on which lay several types of narcotic pills.

Police officer Dave Thomas, who led the case, said that the offender did not know that he, thus, provides an opportunity to recognize the imprints of their fingers.

The first “Bobby” detained several dealers who trade in hemp. Correspondence contained in the smartphone, led them to a married couple. Their fingerprints did not match with those that you can see in the picture.

Then the police decided to organize the surveillance of their son. It turned out that he controls the drug trafficking in the area, and he engaged in the cultivation of cannabis. His fingerprints coincided with those in the picture in WhatsApp.

Police in Wales have called this technology to catch criminals innovative.